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Australian Money Word Wall + Poster Pack



This Australian Money word wall and poster pack is all you'll need to create a helpful visual reference in your classroom when first introducing and teaching Australian coins and notes.

Ideal for the Early Years, choose from our different posters and word wall cards to create your classroom display. Each poster or card has a real life photo of the different Australian coin or note currently in circulation along with it's value in numerical and written form. Choose from landscape and portrait designs.

Here's what's included -

  • Australian Money Posters featuring coin/note, worded amount and in number form (2 versions - full size 1 per A4 page posters or 2 per A4 page
  • Australian Money posters (3 versions)
  • Australian Money word wall cards for all the currency in circulation (coins 5c/10c/20c/50c/$1/$2 + notes $5/$10/$20/$50/$100)


To use -

You will need to have an up to date version of an PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource. Please note in accordance with Australia Government requirements, all Australian notes that appear in this pack have 'SPECIMEN' clearly marked on each note.



Please note - pricing is in US Dollars.

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