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BOHO SUMMER Classroom Birthday Display


Vintage beachy summer designs mix with a modern boho vibe in this stunning birthday display pack!

Choose from three different retro summer inspired designs in earthy inspired neutral boho colors to create a unique birthday display in your classroom for your students!

Two different bunting designs have also been included to decorate your bulletin board. All made to match our stylish BOHO SUMMER Classroom Decor.

You just need to add in all those important birthday before you hit print.

Use it year after year to celebrate your children's milestones!


Here's what's included -
  • 12 different single line botanical drawing+abstract shapes January-December - single image per A4 page resizeable
  • 12 bunting flags featuring mix of different modern boho backgrounds - 2 images per A4 page resizeable
  • 12 rectangular month signs featuring vintage summer artwork - 1 image per A4 page resizeable
  • 12 rectangular month signs - 2 different sets of designs featuring terrazzo prints and vintage summer artwork - 2 images per A4 page resizeable
  • 'Our Birthdays' poster (landscape view) - 1 per A4 page
  • 'Our Birthdays' bunting flags (mixed designs) - 2 per A4 page resizable
  • 'Our Birthdays' bunting scallop shaped (mixed designs + extras included) - 2 per A4 page resizeable


File type –

Microsoft PowerPoint (editable text) + ready to print PDF


All of our resources are downloadable digital files that you will be able to access immediately after purchase.


What programs do I need to open and use this product?

I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader to open any PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program and can be downloaded here.

To use our editable resources, you will need to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer to open and edit these resources. If you don't have PowerPoint, you can access a free trial of the program here.

Ensuring your software is up to date can help to avoid any compatibility issues.

What does it mean if a file is editable?

Our editable files allow you to change and customize the text so you can make it exactly what you want to fit your classroom. Simply type into the text boxes provided or add in your own to edit. You will need access to Microsoft PowerPoint to do this.

Editable does not mean all parts are moveable. Any included artwork, clip art, some fonts and other graphics are fixed to abide by copyright laws and cannot be edited or removed. Colours also used cannot be edited with the exception of coloured text.

If you want the text in the editable items to match the look of the ready to print decor, you may need to purchase and install some of the fonts. I've included information on the custom fonts used within the download along with a help sheet to make sure you’re getting the most from your purchase.

You can also use any fonts you already have to truly customize the look of your classroom!

Please read through the product description to check what can be edited and, if unsure, please message me.



BUY and SAVE as a BUNDLE! You can find our BOHO SUMMER Classroom Decor BUNDLE HERE!



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