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CVC to CVCe Word Cards


Learning the different vowel sounds can be challenging for many young learners. These CVC to CVCe Word cards provide helpful visual support for children struggling with the change in vowel sounds from short to long to create CVCe words from CVC words.

Starting with a CVC word card (three-letter word plus picture), children are then asked to add the ‘e’ sound changing the vowel from a short sound (/a/ like in c/a/t) to word with a long sound (/a/ like in c/a/k/e).

You make only want to start with one or two pairs of cards to introduce the idea or use these cards to reinforce the concept in your literacy rotations.

Answer cards and recording sheets have been included to allow children to work independently.

Here's what's included -

  • 12 different CVC to CVCe Word Cards (3 versions - full color/e in red/full color/e in black/print friendly B+W) - 3 per A4 page
  • CVC to CVCe Word answer cards - 4 per A4 page
  • recording sheeting included

To use -

You will need to have an up to date version of an PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.


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