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GUM LEAF Evergreen Classroom Calendar


Made to match our other GUM LEAF Classroom Decor,

this easy to edit evergreen Australian Eucalyptus calendar will blend in perfectly in your classroom and can easily be changed from month to month and from year to year.

Here's what's included -

  • calendar grid (2 versions to choose from)
  • 31 date cards to fit calendar grid
  • 12 months of the year editable labels (paper brown background with single image) - 3 cards per A4 page
  • 12 months of the year editable labels (mixed background/text centered) - 3 cards per A4 page
  • easy to edit seasons headers - 3 versions - paper brown + black text/paper brown + white text/mixed textured background + white text - 4 per A4 page
  • easy editing instructions


To use -

You will need to have an up to date version of Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer to edit this resource. Decide on your labels, CHOOSE YOUR OWN FONT and simply type in your text then PRINT.

Please note - prices are in US dollars

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