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Word Family Short Vowel Sound Flip Books


These make your own printable word family flip books are a perfect way for young children learning to identify rhyme and practice creating rhyming words. The 15 different word family books focus on the short vowel sound word families.

Four different designs are included - full color version ready to print and make or a black+white version plus a cut and sort version again in full color or print-friendly black+white.

Here's what's included -

_ AM Word Family - jam, dam, ham, ram

_ AN Word Family - can, fan, fan, man, pan, van

_ AP Word Family - cap, gap, map, nap, tap, zap

_ AT Word Family - cat, bat, hat, mat, rat, sat

_ ED Word Family - led, bed, fed, red, sled, wed

_ EN Word Family - men, den, hen, pen, ten

_ ET Word Family - set, jet, net, pet, vet, wet

_ IG Word Family - big, rig, dig, fig, pig, wig

_ IN Word Family - tin, bin, fin, pin, twin, win

_ IP Word Family - rip, dip, lip, ship, skip, whip

_ OG Word Family - cog, dog, fog, frog, jog, log

_ OP Word Family - hop, cop, pop, mop, stop, top

_ OT Word Family - hot, dot, knot, plot, pot, rot

_ UG Word Family - bug, hug, jug, mug, plug, rug

_ UN Word Family - fun, run, bun (bread), gun, nun, sun


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