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B+W NEUTRALS Desk Plates

Looking for some simple name plates for your classroom tables to welcoming your children back to school? These easy to edit colored labels pair a neutral boho toned colour palette together with some modern hand drawn black and white patterns and be used in endless ways around your classroom!

These easy to edit desk plates are from our B+W NEUTRALS Classroom Decor Range. Just add your student's names, use our font or CHOOSE YOUR OWN FONT to create your own version ! Perfect for teachers needing to use their own fonts then press print! You can also edit the alphabet and number lines to help assist your children with their writing and number sense.

Use them to label your students desks, as supply labels, bag tags, tubs, tote trays, math and literacy resources, teacher and office supplies or to organize your storeroom and cupboards and so much more!

Here's what's included -

  • 9 different neutral boho colored Desk Plates with solid color block + editable text boxes - 3 to an A4 page (can be resized)
  • 9 different desk plates with editable text boxes + neutral boho colored abstract shapes - 3 to an A4 page (can be resized)
  • 16 different neutral earthy boho colored desk plates with abstract shape + editable text box with editable number line 0-20 plus editable alphabet - upper+lowercase letters - 2 to an A4 page (can be resized)
  • 29 different Desk Plates with inky black and white hand drawn patterned backgrounds - 2 to an A4 page (can be resized)

To use -

You will need to have an up to date version of Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer to open and edit this resource. Decide on your label, CHOOSE YOUR OWN FONT and simply type in your text then PRINT.
Please note - prices are in US dollars

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