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CVC Word Activity BUNDLE


Whether you're just introducing CVC words to your Kindergarten class or they're beginning to isolate sounds or starting to spell CVC independently, this BUNDLE of CVC Word Activities has everything you need to run your literacy centers.

Full of hands-on resources that will make differentiating easy and match what is being intentionally taught in your phonics and spelling lessons.

This BUNDLE includes 👉🏼


Designed with beginning readers and spellers in mind, these consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) word cards provide ideal support for young children beginning to read and spell short vowel words.

Simply print and laminate then add some magnetic letters, clothes pegs or whiteboard markers for beginning writers. With 5 different types of cards included, differentiation has never been easier!

50 pages of CVC Word Cards are included 5 different versions

Choose from :

- CVC word card with real life photos and dotted letters for support

- CVC word cards with real life photos, dotted letters with the initial sound missing

- CVC word cards with real life photos, dotted letters with the end sound missing

- CVC word cards with real life photos, with only the middle sound in dotted letters

- blank CVC word cards with photo only for children to spell the word independently


Our CVC puzzle cards are a perfect way to help young children learn to spell the different word families in literacy centers or Daily 5 activities.

This download includes three different sets of cards -

- CVC 3 part puzzle cards 2 cards per A4 page with dotted letters for support

- CVC cards with dotted letters to match to or write over

- CVC cards without text support

Add resources like magnetic letters, pegs with letters or laminate and use whiteboard markers to write.


Ready to print out to add to your literacy centre or Daily 5 word work activities.

With beautiful, clean photos of real life objects, these CVC word cards make learning to spell easier with letter frames providing visual support.

Print to A4 paper - 60+ cards to use! Simply add magnetic letters or laminate and use whiteboard markers to write the CVC word in the letter frames.


If your Kindergarten or First Grade students need practice identifying medial vowel sounds in CVC words, this clip card activity will make a great addition to your word work or literacy centers or as an early finisher activity.

Children will look at the picture on each card and use a clothespin to clip the correct vowel sound along the edge of the card. This means students must sound out the word and focus on the medial vowel sound in order to choose correctly. You can make this resource self-checking by placing a dot or sticker on the back of the card.

Clip cards are also perfect for building fine motor skills!


These make your own printable word family flip books are a perfect way for young children learning to identify rhyme and practice creating rhyming words. The 15 different word family books focus on the short vowel sound word families.

Four different designs are included - full color version ready to print and make or a black+white version plus a cut and sort version again in full color or print-friendly black+white.

To use -

You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.


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