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Digraph Sound Picture Wheels



Made for young children who are still learning to differentiate between sounds, these digraph sound circles are a fun way to consolidate identifying graphemes while providing some handwriting practice and fine motor strengthening.

33 different sounds - consonant and vowel digraphs, dipthongs and split digraphs are included along with easy to read answer cards for each making these perfect for independent literacy centers or Daily 5 word work activities.

Perfect for Early Years classroom display or speech and language students.

Here's what's included -

  • 33 different digraph wheels with real life photos - 1 per A4 page
  • digraphs included - ar/ai/ay/au/aw/oa/oo(2)/ng/ui/ou/ck/sh/ch/th/wh/ph/er/ir/ur/ow(2)/ee/ea/ey/ie/ew/or/oi/oy/a_e/i_e/o_e/u_e
  • easy to read answer cards included for children to check their answers

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The perfect next step to our initial sound alphabet wheels!

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