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Informational Text Writing Pack - BIRDS

This informational text resource is designed to help young children strengthen their reading, research and writing skills. 

Using animals to help engage students and allow them to use their prior knowledge as well as encourage them to read for information, this pack focuses on three birds - penguins, toucans and spotted owls.

Included in this pack -

* 3 short informational text articles for each animal,
* blank mind map sheets
* hands-on 'Cut and Sort' informational text structure task per animal
* choose from three differerent informational text templates with and without visual supports for children to write their own informative report to help make differentiation easier
* lesson and teachig ideas for use included in download

Ideal for whole class lessons or non-fiction writing center activities.

Perfect when paired with our animal posters to help support beginning writers as they build their vocab.

Real photos have been used throughout to create this engaging set of lessons.

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