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MODERN AUSSIE Classroom Decor Bundle

Looking for a new classroom theme this back to school? This calming range with it's mix of earthy neutrals, Australian animals and Eucalyptus leafy artwork by wild terra design might be just what you need.

You will adore this classroom decor with it's warm earthy color palette, Australian flower and animals and modern line hand drawings! It will have everything you'll need to set up your classroom this back to school season - easy to edit labels, posters, classroom calendars, word walls, book covers, meet the teacher templates, bunting and so much more!!

Setting up your classroom using our MODERN AUSSIE pack has never been easier! Or better value...




❤ Almost all of our resources are editable meaning you can either use the suggested formatting or change them to suit your classroom needs, making this bundle perfect for teachers who need to use particular fonts or bilingual teachers who need to use another language in class.


❤ We include multiple designs in nearly every resource so you can pick your favourites to mix and match!


❤ With more than 2000+ pages , you will find everything you need to set up your classroom space for this school year and beyond because multiple designs mean you can change things up next year without having to purchase a new décor bundle.


❤ Once purchased, you will have access to any updates or new resources added to the bundle for no cost! No additional payment is required for the lifetime of the bundle. Just redownload the bundle to access any new additions or updates! 





AFFIRMATION STATION - round and small rectangular designs, posters and header or footer for use on classroom doors or around mirrors. Use our affirmations or create your own by editing the text.


ALPHABET FRIEZE - perfect for running above or below your whiteboard when space is at a premium – editable text and handwriting guide lines.


ALPHABET POSTERS - 9 different designs including sets with associated images plus Auslan and ASL alphabet posters for display – all with editable text boxes to allow you to change from print to cursive as needed.


ALPHABET WORD WALL DISPLAY - round and square signs for each letter with editable text boxes, word wall cards with editable text boxes plus larger display lettering headers (Word Wall/Word Work/Sound Wall).


BUNTING PACK - create your own stunning headers and bulletin board displays around your classroom with these editable bunting flags/penants. 70+ different designs included.


CLASSROOM BIRTHDAY DISPLAY – everything you need to celebrate your student’s birthdays! Choose from different bunting flag displays (to create ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Our Birthday’ banners, months of the year (different designs and shapes), labels for student’s names and birthdays to be added. All with editable text boxes.


CLASSROOM DOOR DISPLAY – Square, round and full page printable ‘Welcome’ posters for your classroom door (multiple designs). Round name labels to add your students' names for an amazing back-to-school door display.


CLASSROOM JOBS - Ready to print and editable classroom job display. Header signs + individual job cards included. All with editable text. Name cards also included to add your children’s names to for display under each classroom role.


CLASSROOM LABELS - square, round, long rectangle - create anything you want with this file! Choose from multiple designs in each shape and mix and match your classroom to make it uniquely yours! Labels in each shape can be resized and the text edited. Perfect for student desk tags, locker labels, book bins, hall passes, tubs and trays!


CLASSROOM SIGNS - editable full- and half-page posters in both portrait and landscape view include. All can be resized to suit your own classroom needs - type in your own reading groups, classroom rules, learning intentions/success criteria, classroom jobs, motivational quotes etc.


CLASSROOM TIMETABLE - A visual timetable is a must-have for any classroom. 4 designs included -editable cards with and without picture cues. Includes both digital and analog clock cards for display as well.


CLOCK NUMBERS – use these editable round clock numbers around your classroom clock to help your children learn to tell time.


COLOR POSTERS - Ready to print color posters with editable text.


DAYS AT SCHOOL DISPLAY – Use to count the first 100 days of school! Display signs + ten frames cards to add stamps or stickers to included.


DAYS OF THE WEEK DISPLAY – days of the week signs (long rectangles) and header for classroom display.


DESK PLATES – multiple sets of designs included (4 sets to choose from). Editable text + alphabet and number line. All of the elements can be moved or deleted.


FIRST DAY /LAST DAY OF SCHOOL POSTERS – editable posters to print for your first or last day of school photos.


HAND SIGNAL POSTERS - 2 different designs to choose from all with editable text. Hand signals for yes, no, okay, pencil, restroom, water, tissue, help, nurse included.


NUMBER CHARTS – individual 1-100 + 1-120 number charts for use in class.


NUMBER LINES - editable to add whatever combination of numbers you need to display – single numbers 0-20, skip counting 10-100, place value etc. Repeating pattern included so you can make the number line whatever length you need!


NUMBER POSTERS - 8 different sets of numbers posters with various ways to represent the number (#0-10, #0-20, #0-30, #0-100). Some of the templates can be edited to create anything you wish!


NUMBER POSTERS (MAB BLOCKS) - simple visual aids to help children understand the relationship and language used around MAB blocks and one, tens, hundred and thousand.


PLACE VALUE DISPLAYS – editable place value posters (square + full page portrait view) and number line displays.


READING GROUPS SIGNS - smaller square + full page posters included to add to your book bins. Multiple designs with editable text.


SELF CHECK-IN STATION – welcome signs plus smaller round labels for student’s names suitable to add to a Connect 4 game or small smooth stones to create a self check-in space in your classroom.


SHAPE POSTERS – 2D and 3D shape posters with editable text. Print with just the name or add in the properties of each shape to match your curriculum before pressing print!


SKIP COUNTING POSTERS – 2 alternate designs to choose from – full colored background/large white number or colored large number/white background with multiples of the number space evenly across the number. One number per page **please note the background number cannot be edited only the numbers skip counting **


TABLE NUMBER SIGNS - 2 designs to choose from both round + square shaped with editable text.


VOICE/NOISE LEVEL POSTERS - help manage sound expectations in your classroom with these helpful visuals.





BINDER + BOOK COVER PACK (50+ different designs to choose from all with editable text that can be used for your binder folders, student’s book covers or to create your own teacher's planner from. Matching thin/thick spines included)


MEET THE TEACHER + CLASS NEWSLETTER TEMPLATES (60+ different designs to choose from all with editable title and text that can be used for open house, meet the teacher night and throughout the school year as newsletters to communicate with families)


SIMPLE ONE MONTH TO A PAGE CALENDAR (2 designs –portrait view + landscape view included. Editable so you can add in all your important dates before printing. Perfect for planning – add to a binder so you can plan your curriculum in style or us to build your own teacher planner)


CLASSROOM CALENDAR - Includes everything you need to set up a large classroom calendar display! Year, month headers, days of the week headers, number cards.


FLIP CALENDAR - never have to write the date on the board again with this helpful lineal calendar made to hang from an extendable magnetic curtain rod and binder rings on your whiteboard.


ROLLING TEACHER 10-DRAWER TROLLEY LABELS (Get organized with this beautiful 10-drawer cart organizer. 5 designs included – all with editable text


TEACHER TOOLBOX - Ready to print teacher toolbox labels – editable text + size can be customized! Multiple designs included.


WHERE ARE WE? DISPLAY - 'Where are we?' poster plus editable smaller location signs.






AMAZING WORK COMING SOON POSTERS (perfect for the start of the school year when still waiting for children’s work to display)


BULLETIN BOARD DISPLAY – Ready to print quotes in large display lettering – perfect for bulletin boards! Quotes included – 'you are LOVED' and 'BE AMAZING BE AWESOME BE YOU'


INSPIRATIONAL CLASSROOM POSTERS – inspiring quotes and affirmations perfect for helping to build a growth mindset in class. 3 different sets of designs to mix and match.




File type - 

Microsoft PowerPoint (editable text) + PDF




All of our resources are downloadable digital files that you will be able to access immediately after purchase.


What programs do I need to open and use this product?


To use our editable resources, you will need to have an up to date version of Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer to edit these resources. If you don't have PowerPoint, here is a link to a free one month trial of the program.


I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader for the PDF files like the Classroom Inspirational Posters. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program and can be downloaded here.


What does it mean if a file is editable?


All editable files allow you to change and customize the text so you can make it exactly what you want to fit your classroom. Simply type into the text boxes provided or add in your own to edit. The majority of our PowerPoint files can be edited while our PDF files cannot. Please read through the product description to check what can be edited and if unsure, please message me.


Editable does not mean all parts are moveable. Any included artwork, clip art and other graphics are fixed to abide by copyright laws and cannot be edited or removed. Colours also used cannot be edited with the exception of coloured text.


Fonts are saved to each PowerPoint file meaning you can use the fonts provided to edit the files, or you can use your own font/language – perfect if you are in a bilingual classroom!


Due to the vast number of different systems and versions of PowerPoint in use, the saved fonts are not guaranteed and are for demonstration purposes. Ensuring your software is up to date can help to avoid any compatibility issues.






MODERN AUSSIE Classroom Labels + Signs Pack

MODERN AUSSIE Classroom Bunting Pack

MODERN AUSSIE Alphabet Posters

MODERN AUSSIE Classroom Birthday Display Pack

MODERN AUSSIE Number Posters

MODERN AUSSIE Book/Binder Covers

MODERN AUSSIE 10-Drawer Rolling Cart Trolley Labels



MODERN AUSSIE Maths Resource Pack

MODERN AUSSIE Hand Signal Posters

MODERN AUSSIE Affirmation Station Pack

MODERN AUSSIE Meet The Teacher + Class Newsletter Templates

MODERN AUSSIE Classroom Timetable Pack

MODERN AUSSIE Number Line Wall Display Pack

MODERN AUSSIE Simple 1-Month to a Page Calendar

MODERN AUSSIE Classroom Door + Bulletin Board Display

MODERN AUSSIE Inspirational Growth Mindset Posters

MODERN AUSSIE Large Classroom Calendar

MODERN AUSSIE Teacher Toolbox Labels





includes Days of the Week, Classroom Jobs, Color Posters, 100 Days of School Display, First Day of School Poster, Amazing Work Posters, Alphabet Frieze and more

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