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Phonological Awareness Pack 1 - Beginners


Wanting to build phonological awareness in your students but not sure where to start of how? Grab one of our Phonological Awareness Packs!

This Phonological Awareness Bundle - Beginners Level is the perfect starter pack for the youngest of learners as it combine hands-on play with active learning.

This pack includes some of our most popular literacy resources that will introduce and build phonological awareness skills such as identifying and counting syllables, identifying rhyme, learning beginning sounds and isolating and blending beginning sounds into simple CVC words.


Here's what's included -


These syllable sorting mats are perfect for building phonological awareness in the from preschool.

Use them both for intentionally teaching syllables to the whole class and also as a follow on literacy center for small groups.

These 1-5 syllable word mats provide ideal visual support for young children learning to break words into syllables. Combine with objects or word cards to sort.


Designed to help you organize your class into working pairs, use this pack of rhyming word cards as a fun memory match game in your literacy centers or simply hand out a card to each child then they can search for the classmate with the matching one!


These beautifully clear 2 part puzzle cards are a fun way to introduce young children to the alphabet and letter sounds.

Each puzzle has 2 parts with both upper and lower case letter along with a simple to understand full color photo of something with the same initial letter sound for children to match together. A hands-on way to learn the alphabet and alphabetical order!


These simple clip cards are ideal for young children learning to recognise and isolate the initial sounds in words.

With multiple cards for every letter of the alphabet, just print these out to add to your literacy centers or morning work.

Ask your children to match the letter on the card to the matching beginning sound of one picture. You can make them self checking by placing a small sticker on the back of the card.


Create mini alppabet flip books for every letter of the alphabet! Design for preschoolers and kindergarten, these alphabet books are perfect for young children learning the letters of the alphabet.

Two different designs included - single page print friendly version and two page version that requires cutting and pasting - great fine motor activity!

Both upper and lower case letters are represented and the pages are filled with words with the same beginning sound helping children cement their letter sound knowledge. Correct letter formation is also included in one version.


These CVC Word Mats are a great early resource for young children learning word families and CVC words. Children can either use magnetic letters to directly build the word or laminate and use a dry eraser marker to trace and then write the word.

This download includes two types of word mats - just laminate and add magnetic letters and whiteboard markers to get started!


Learning how to read and spell even simple words is made easy by developing strong oral language skills in preschool.

Help build their knowledge of beginning letter sounds and reading fluency with this fun looping card game! Suitable for a whole class, this set of 'I have, Who has?' features CVC words with pictures as visual support is the perfect time filler for class when you have 5-10 minutes to spare!

To use -

You will need to have an up to date version of an PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.


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