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Rhyming Word Clip It Cards


Producing rhyme can be a tricky skill for some children to master. These hands-on rhyming word clip cards are perfect addition to our classroom for children who are still learning to identify and produce rhyme. Perfect for preschoolers, pre-K, kindergarten, SPED and ESL students, these cards are a fun and engaging way to practice rhyming and can even be used for assessment too. 

Ready to print and add to your literacy center rotations, each card has on larger image as a visual prompt and label along with three other images to then differentiate between to find the rhyming word. For example, for 'tag' children have to decide if scissors, hen or bag rhyme with tag.

 Add some clothes pegs to help build fine motor skills or counters to mark the correct sound. Make them self-checking by adding a small stamp or sticker on the back of each card behind the correct rhyme. 

These rhyming word cards be used for independent word work or in small group work and are perfect for special education or speech and language students as oral language skills are used when producing rhyme.


Here's what's included - 

  • 100 different cards with easy to interpret clip art photo to match simple rhyming words - 4 cards per A4 page
  • two groups of cards for differentiation - CVC words + mixed word patterns (CVCC/CCVC/CVCe + more)



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Ready to print PDF



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