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Word Family Posters - Long Vowel Sounds


Teaching word families is an important part of early literacy. Displaying these word family posters helps young children remember new words and use them each day as they read and write. Every poster has a bright, colorful photograph that kids can relate to and will love!

Included in the posters -
long a - _ace, _age, _ake, _ame, _ane, _ape, _ate, _ain, _ay, _ar

long e - _eat, _eet, _ee, _ew

long i - _ice, _ide, _ight, _ile, _ike, _ine, _ime, _ite, _ive

long o -  _old, _oat, _oke, _one, _ook, _oon, _oom, _ose, _ow

long u - _ube, _une, _ute, _ue

36 pages with real life photos included along with rhyming word list on each poster! CVCe words, CVV, CCVV and CCCVCe words included along with some common digraphs (ay/ee/ar/ew) and trigraphs (igh).

Print them as full sized posters or print them smaller to use as cards for your literacy centers!

Made to compliment our alphabet wall postersdigraph posters and short vowel sound word family posters.

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