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Word Family Posters - Short Vowel Sounds

Help support your students as they learn to rhyme and spell with these short vowel sound word family posters!

Included in the posters -
short a - _ab (cab), _ad (sad), _ag (bag), _am (jam), _an (fan), _ap (tap), _at (cat), _ack (pack), _amp (lamp), _and (hand), _ank (drank), _ash (cash)
short e - _ed (bed), _eg (peg), _et (net), _en (hen), _ell (bell)
short i - _id (kid), _ig (pig), _in (pin), _ip (lip), _it (knit), _ick (kick), _ill (drill), _ing (swing), _ish (fish)
short o - _ob (cob), _og (dog), _ot (hot), _op (top), _ox (box), _ock (clock),
short u - _ub (sub), _ug (bug), _um (drum), _un (run), _ut (cut), _uck (duck), _ump (jump), _unk (trunk)

40 pages with real life photos included along with rhyming word list on each poster! CVC words, CVCC words and CCVCC word patterns included.

Print them as full sized posters or print them smaller to use as cards for your literacy centers!

Made to compliment our alphabet wall posters and digraph posters.

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