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2D Shape + 3D Object I Have, Who Has Loop Card Game


This 'I have, Who Has...?' loop card game is perfect for children learning 2D shapes and 3D objects.

Played as a whole class (set of 20 loop cards and 25 loop cards included), this card game is a listening game which allows children to practice and review basic concepts of shape. 

Children take it in turns to read the bottom of their card while listening carefully to see if their shape/object at the top of their card is the one called out. They then read out ' I have... Who Has....? to find the next shape/object. The game continues until you loop back to the start

An entertaining game to play as a whole class!

3 sets included in the one download!

- full colour cards with B/W shapes/objects
- B/W cards with colourful shapes/objects
- print friendly B/W cards

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