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2D Shape Clip Card Pack

This 2D Shape math center pack is filled with hands-on shape activities.
Choose from three different sets of 2D Shape Clip-It Cards. Students will look at the object or name on the card and use clothespins to pin the correct match located along the card’s edge. These can also be made self-checking by placing a small dot or sticker on the back of the card behind the correct answers before laminating.
Here's what's included -
  • 72 clip cards of real life 2D Shape to match to clip art representation of 2D shape - 4 per A4 page
  • 22 clip cards of 2D shape words to match to image (color + B+W version included) (targeted words - circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle x 4, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, rhombus, diamond, trapezoid, trapezium, semicircle, parallelogram, star, heart) - 4 per A4 page
  • 22 clip card of 2D shapes to match to words - 4 per A4 page
To use -
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