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Alphabet Posters with Real Life Photo - Editable


These clear, simple editable alphabet posters with real life photos will brighten any classroom! Perfect for any preschool or kindergarten classroom with each poster features the upper and lower case letter shown along with a single photograph beginning with the letter sound.

With TWO different designs to choose from -

A - ant

B - banana

C - cat

D - donut

E - egg

F - flower

G - gate

H - hen

I - iguana

J - jam

K - key

L - leaf

M - moon

N - nest

O - orange

P - peas

Q - quail

R - rabbit

S - snake

T - tomato

U - umbrella

V - vine

W - watch

X - xray

Y - yam

Z - zebra

Print out our pre-made posters or CHOOSE YOUR OWN FONT and create your own version ! Perfect for teachers needing to use their own fonts.

Here's what's included -

  • Editable Alphabet Posters (PowerPoint) TWO DIFFERENT DESIGNS (one with moveable handwriting guide lines + one without) - 1 to an A4 page.

To use -

You will need to have an up to date version of Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer to open and edit this resource. Fonts are saved to the file but are not guaranteed and are for demonstration purposes.

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