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BIG Rhyming Bundle

Some of our most popular rhyming printables to help teach children how to identify and produce rhyme in one BIG bundle! Perfect for building phonological awareness skills through games and hands-on activities perfect for independent play in your literacy centers.


With five different ways to play, these Rhyming Word SNAP cards are a great addition to your literacy center rotations!

Two different designs included - each with between 4-8 simple, easy to read rhyming words from each word family, these cards are perfect for beginning readers to play independently as a center activity.

FIVE ways to play -
  1. Play a game of SNAP with friends and try to match the rhyming words together to call out SNAP!!
  2. Place all the cards face down and play a game of MEMORY by trying to match the rhyming cards.
  3. Print out two sets of cards to play PAIRS by placing them face down and picking up pairs of cards that match.
  4. Use them as SENTENCE STARTERS – use these cards as to encourage your early writers to write a simple sentence using the word on the card.
  5. Simply SORT the cards into word families.

Word families included - _at/_ap/_an/_en/_et/_ed/_in/_ip/_ig/_ot/_og/_op/_ut/_ug/_un/_um


Focusing on short vowel words, this fun Rhyming CVC BINGO game can be played with your whole class or as a literacy centre activity.

To play, call out one of the 21 different CVC word + picture cards for your students to try to match the rhyming word to. For example, you might call out 'HAT' and on the BINGO card in front of them they might find a CAT, a MAT, a BAT or a RAT.

Contains 28 BINGO mats - three different designs - picture only, picture + word or word only mats.


Ready to print, these rhyming word cards are for children who are learning to identify and produce rhyme making them the perfect addition to your literacy center rotations.

90 different cards each with a visual prompt and label along with three other images to then differentiate the rhyming word. For example, for 'cat' children have to decide if strawberry, lion or bat rhyme.

Add some clothes pegs to help build fine motor skills or counters to mark the correct sound.


Combining all three word family I Spy Rhyming Mats in one file!

These printable word family I Spy mats are a perfect way for young children to learn and practice finding rhyming words.

Use the printable I Spy cards on their own with some counters to mark each word as you find them or encourage early writers to write each rhyming word as they find it with our recording sheets.

Perfect addition to your literacy center rotation or Daily 5 Word Work!

Focus words included -
AT WORD FAMILY - cat, bat, mat, fat, bat (baseball), rat, hat
AP WORD FAMILY - cap, gap, map, nap, tap, zap
AN WORD FAMILY - man, can, fan, pan, ran, tan, van

Answer sheets provided.

To use -

You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.

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