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Build A Word CVC CVCC CCVC CVCe Pack

With over 300 different words included, this easy to prep Build a Word pack allows students practice their phonics skills when spelling new words. Students can work independently to sound out the pictured word and build the word on the mats with letters/tiles. They can then record their work on the included sheets.

This approach to word work gives students an opportunity to use the oral language processing part of their brain to map, or connect, the sounds (phonemes) of the word to the letters or letter combinations (graphemes) in a word. Using this process, children can then work to physically connect or match the letters with the sounds they represent and helps to encourage the process of orthographic mapping when choosing the correct magnetic letter or letter tile to build the word.

This practice helps build word recognition and decoding skills that improve fluency in both reading and writing making this Build A Word Pack a great addition to literacy centers, morning tubs, Daily 5 etc.

These Build A Word Mats focus on spelling CVC, CCVC, CVCC and CVCe words. Each mat has five different pictures for your children to attempt spelling the word to match. 180 different words have been included!

Easy to prep, just print out the mats you want:

CVC words include:

map, cut, cat, mud, bin, tin, log, sun, pot, hen, fan, jam, jet, tub, pin, dog, gum, pen, web, top, cap, hot, cup, box, rub, cog, bed, rib, mad, cab, lit, wet, fox, pop, men, tag, sub, win, van, pig, hat, man, dad, dip, hug, bat, gem, ham, wed, fog, hop, tug, lip, vet, pad, mum/mom, nap, wig, bib, can, leg, rat, rug, six, mop, cob, cap/lid, den, pox, ten, dig/dug, rip, mat, bun, sob/sad, rod, sum, fin, bus, pod, bid, sap, him, get, lab, fed, big, jab, mix, sip, fit, red, nag, sax, rig, set, hit, led, tax, fix, hum, rot, jug, sit, bag, net, ran/run/jog, nut, bug, tab, fun, dim, zip, bud, cop, tux, hip, pan, nun

CCVC words include:

frog, trap, crab, flag, stop, twin, crib, clog, clap, plug, slug, drum, skip, plan, flat, spin, crop, swim, snip, spot, smog, trip, snap, drop, grin, slip slam, drip, grub, stag, sled, snug, spin, plus, drag, scan, twig, plum, club, swat

CVCC words include:

cent, pump, tent, belt, rink, bunk, hump, vest, cold, milk, hand, dump, gift, bulb, half, test, lamp, bank, dunk, desk, bent, sand, hold, sunk, wink, list, cast, pond, west, dent, post/send, film, golf, salt, rest, help, mast, gold, vent, melt, sift, fold, jump, bend, sold, wasp, wind, sink, text, dust, bolt, raft, task, bump, wand, lend, wolf, nest, wept, lift, talk, ramp, balm, left, next

CVCe words include:

line, gate, dice, rake, cake, rose, make, mice, hole, hike, cage, lime, cube, hide, rule, page, mine, tape, tube, code, cape, rice, maze, note, pole, bake, hive, hose, vase, pile, cave, cone, name, lice, nose, robe, file, wake/woke, kite, nine, mane, race, lobe, face, wave, bite, game, pine, mute, five, mate, haze, mime, safe, ride/rode, wipe, fade, zone, joke, site, race, wide, size, bike, laze, ride, fine, vote, tile, lace, pipe, lone, take, base, pose, gale, doze, date, bone, like, wage, gaze, sale, dose, tune, came, dive/dove, save, lake, late, vane, vine, rate, hope, tame, rope, fame, dine, tale

Here's what's included -

  • 120 CVC words (24 numbered mats) 5 pictures per page
  • 40 CCVC words (8 numbered mats) 5 pictures per page
  • 65 CVCC words (13 numbered mats) 5 pictures per page
  • 100 CVCe words (20 numbered mats) 5 pictures per page
  • Build A Word recording sheets (2 per page)
  • answer cards - 4 per page

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