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COTTAGECORE Inspirational Classroom Posters


Bring a sense of calm to your space with our cosy cottagecore classroom decor! It's vintage patterns and restful colour schemes pair together perfectly with the right amount of modern design flair to make any learning space feel warm and welcoming! 

These motivational classroom posters have been thoughtfully designed using a mix of meadow wildflowers, cottagecore patterned backgrounds and vintage colours to help you create a welcoming warm space for your children.  

With over 50 pages of designs to choose from, there's sure to be something you will love! Each set of posters seeks to build your children's resilience and improve their self-view - perfect for building a growth mindset in your classroom.  

Using a colour palette centred around warm neutrals and daring pops of brighter shades, your class will to look stylishly on trend with my latest COTTAGECORE classroom decor! Create an inviting and motivational classroom space filled with these vintage inspired posters! 

Use them to create your own bulletin board display, add them to your reading corner or simply display them in class to motivate and inspire your students. 

Perfect for staff rooms too! 

Here's what's included -


  • 50+ meadow wildflower + cottagecore inspired positivity and growth mindset posters for the classroom (portrait view) - 1 per A4 page PDF

File type -



All of our resources are downloadable digital files that you will be able to access immediately after purchase.

What programs do I need to open and use this product?

I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader for the PDF files like the Classroom Inspirational Posters. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program and can be downloaded here.

Ensuring your software is up to date can help to avoid any compatibility issues.


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