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Easter Counting Mats


Use these chicken counting mats to create a simple invitation to count. Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten aged children learning to count and quantify.

Use them to create hands-on math centers by adding chickens or eggs. Or play pretend and use some small stones or playdoh as eggs instead.

Blank mats have been included to turn your invitation into a game by adding a dice.

Or practice some simple addition by using a dice, chickens and eggs. Roll the dice, add the number of eggs to the next. Roll again and add the chickens then write your sum or number sentence. No dice? Use our addition cards included in this download.

Here's what's included -

  • 0-10 numbered mats with real life photos of bird's nests - 1 per A4 page
  • blank mats of real life photos of bird's nests - 1 per A4 page
  • simple addition cards - 10 cards per A4 page
  • teaching suggestions included

To use -

You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.


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