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Sight Word Mats

Are you looking for an interactive way for students to practice sight words? Make learning to spell high frequency sight words hands-on fun with these mats made to use with LEGO bricks!

With two different styles to choose from, prepping for your literacy centers or Word Work stations is easy! Just choose the set of sight words you need, print and add some LEGO to build the words from.

Use the larger sight word mats which allow for children to directly 'build' the sight word from LEGO blocks then trace and write the sight word. The smaller sight word cards provide some context to the word by placing the sight word in an easy to read sentence and asks children to build the sight word using the picture as their guide - perfect for building fine motor skills, visual discrimination and spatial awareness skills as they position their LEGO blocks to make the word.

Covers have also been included to easily make the smaller cards into a handy flip book.

Ideal for practicing at home or in the classroom!

Here's what's included -
  • 220 sight word mats ( LEGO block word + sight word to trace and write) - 1 per A4 page
  • 220 sight word cards (LEGO block sight word + short sentence with sight word to read) - 3 per A4 page
  • LEGO-themed covers for smaller sight word cards - 3 per A4 page

220 high frequency words included:

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To use -

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