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Letter Reversals - p + q Letter Confusion Pack


Letter confusion is common in young children as they learn the directionality of text but if you have students reversing their letter p's and q's and want some practical activities for them to become more confident in identifying and writing their letters correctly? This pack is just what you need to help fix letter reversals. 

With a mix of different resources included, this helpful pack can provide children struggling with letter confusion some practical support in identifying each letter along with forming the letter correctly. 

Choose from a range of different visual supports and hands-on activities - traceable letter cards with real photo backgrounds, posters to display in class or add our unique photo cards to your next literacy center rotation so young children can practice differentiating between the letters p and q by using real life photos beginning with the same sounds as prompts. Laminate the cards and add some whiteboard markers to practice writing each letter or just add some pegs to clip the correct letter. 

Use the clip cards in another centers, again real photos are used as visual support. Add our games, mazes or worksheets to your small group work. 

This pack makes differentiation within your literacy centers easy!


Here's what's included - 

  • p/q posters 'Pp is for pig' (3 designs) - 1 per A4 page 
  • 9 pages of p/q letter tracing cards featuring dotted letters for writing plus a real life photo of something starting with either the letter p or q - 5 cards per A4 page
  • Sorting Letters worksheet of letters p+q with writing practice included - A4 page
  • Writing Practice worksheet for letters p+q with real photo prompts starting with same beginning sound plus traceable words to match - A4 page
  • p+q square posters for prewriters (traceable lower case letter over real photo background) - 3 different pages for each letter 1 per A4 page
  • p+q spinners + paper dice template (with and without photo cues)
  • traceable p+q letter games - 1 per page
  • p+q letter mazes - 1 per page + answer sheet provided
  • 6 pages pf p+q clip cards with real photo cues - 4 per A4 page



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