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OVER THE RAINBOW Inspirational Classroom Posters

Rainbows are a classic classroom decoration for good reason and these pastel colored rainbow themed inspirational posters will make both your heart and eyes happy this school year!

You and your students will love these modern rainbow motivational growth mindset classroom quotes and affirmations.

Choose from 4 different sets of rainbow inspired posters to create your own calming bulletin board display, add them to your reading corner or simply display them in class to help build a positive mindset in your students.

Made to match our OVER THE RAINBOW Classroom Decor, just print to match the rest of your classroom decor!

Here's what's included -
  • 14 posters with 'You are...' messages (pastel hand drawn hugs and kisses artwork as backgrounds) - 1 per A4 page
  • 7 pastel rainbow posters with positive messages (you belong here/good vibes only/mindset is everything/better habits better life) with modern rainbow artwork- 1 per A4 page
  • 7 posters with short inspiring quotes + pastel colored backgrounds with sprinkles of color - 1 per A4 page
  • 7 pastel rainbow posters with positive messages (start your impossible/be a voice not an echo/happiness is a habit/etc) with rainbow inspired borders - 1 per A4 page
  • 14 posters with more retro rainbow designs and inspirational quotes (just keep going/you are magic/stand tall/shine bright/etc) - 1 per A4 page

To use -

You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like ADOBE Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.
Please note - prices are in US dollars

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