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SUNNY DAZE Classroom Decor GROWING Bundle | Retro Classroom Decor


Love the retro trend? This groovy pack of 70s inspired retro decor will allow you to transform your classroom this school year! Folksy flower designs are paired with mustard yellow, khaki green, purple, tans and orange to create a funky classroom decor line you'll be happy to use for years to come!

With vintage surf inspired artwork, flower designs straight from the 1970s but given a modern boho feel, our SUNNY DAZE classroom decor will make your classroom feel like a home away from home - mellow and eclectic but still beautifully cohesive!

Save yourself time and money this back to school season by grabbing this GROWING BUNDLE now while the entire bundle at it’s cheaper price and receive all the new resources added to this range without paying any extra!

You will adore this classroom decor with it's retro color palette, folksy flowers, eclectic boho patterns and plenty of ready to print designs to make it quick and easy to set up your classroom just how you want! Mix and match from the many designs included in this bundle to create a bohemian calm learning space!

When complete, it will have everything you'll need to set up your classroom this back to school season easy to edit labels, posters, calendars, word walls, timetables, banners, affirmations, book covers, meet the teacher templates, bunting and so much more!!

Setting up your classroom using our SUNNY DAZE classroom decor pack has never been easier! Or better value... you don't even have to spend a fortune on your classroom when you grab it as a growing bundle!




SUNNY DAZE Classroom Labels + Signs Pack

SUNNY DAZE Binder + Book Covers Pack

SUNNY DAZE Inspirational Growth Mindset Posters

SUNNY DAZE Alphabet Posters (includes ASL + Auslan Posters)

SUNNY DAZE Number Posters

SUNNY DAZE Number Line Pack

SUNNY DAZE Morning Greetings Pack

SUNNY DAZE Maths Resources Pack

SUNNY DAZE Affirmation Station

SUNNY DAZE Classroom Bunting Pack

SUNNY DAZE Desk Plates

SUNNY DAZE Hand Signals

SUNNY DAZE Simple 1-Month to a Page Calendar

SUNNY DAZE 10-Drawer Rolling Cart Trolley Labels

SUNNY DAZE Word Wall Pack

SUNNY DAZE Flip Calendar

SUNNY DAZE Voice Level Signs

SUNNY DAZE Large Classroom Calendar (includes weather display)

SUNNY DAZE Classroom Timetable Pack

SUNNY DAZE Classroom Birthday Display

SUNNY DAZE Classroom Door Display + Bulletin Board Banners


includes First Day/Last Day of School Poster, Classroom Jobs,  Colour Posters, Amazing Work Posters, Alphabet Frieze, Where Are We? Signs and more


SUNNY DAZE Teacher Toolbox Labels

SUNNY DAZE Meet The Teacher + Class Newsletter Templates


I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader to open any PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program and can be downloaded here.

To use our editable resources, you will need to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer to open and edit these resources. If you don't have PowerPoint, you can access a free trial of the program here.

Ensuring your software is up to date can help to avoid any compatibility issues. 


What does it mean if a file is editable?

Our editable files allow you to change and customize the text so you can make it exactly what you want to fit your classroom. Simply type into the text boxes provided or add in your own to edit. You will need access to Microsoft PowerPoint to do this.

Editable does not mean all parts are moveable. Any included artwork, clip art, some fonts and other graphics are fixed to abide by copyright laws and cannot be edited or removed. Colours also used cannot be edited with the exception of coloured text.

If you want the text in the editable items to match the look of the ready to print decor, you may need to purchase and install some of the fonts. I've included information on the custom fonts used within the download along with a help sheet to make sure you’re getting the most from your purchase.

You can also use any fonts you already have to truly customize the look of your classroom!

Please read through the product description to check what can be edited and, if unsure, please message me. 



A growing bundle is listed at the cheapest price initially when resources are still to be added to the bundle. If you manage to buy the bundle when first listed, you’ll save yourself $$$. You will then receive all the existing and new resources without paying any more! 

Please note as the bundle grows, so will the price. 

You will only have to buy it once to get it all! And that includes any updates we make in the future. 

To get the most recent version, all you have to do is re-download the file from your purchase link any time we add more to the bundle. Simple! 

So grab it now before the price goes up!




I’m hoping to finish off this bundle quickly with all resources available for download by the end of August. 


I hope you enjoy this resource as much as I do. If you have any questions, please email me!


Take a look at the preview photos and preview file (if available - not available on all products) before purchasing. I also recommend asking questions before purchasing if you are uncertain of anything.

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