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Syllable Race Game with BOOM Cards


Words are made up of smaller parts – syllables and being able to hear that and be able to correctly count the number of syllables a word has is one of the earliest phonological awareness skills young children need to master.

Use this syllable game to allow children to practice identifying and counting syllables while playing a fun interactive game they can play in class in small groups and at home with family as homework.

To play, simply use the printable playing cards or our time saving digital BOOM cards to choose a word. Count how many syllables the word has and then move your counter the same number of spaces!

The digital cards can be previewed HERE!

Both the printable or digital cards can also be used on their own as a literacy center activity too.

What are BOOM CARDS™?

BOOM CARDS™ are self-correcting, cloud-based DIGITAL resources. They can be played on most modern browsers, Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires. BOOM CARDS™ apps are also available.

Not sure if your browser will work? Try our free BOOM CARDS™ deck first.


When you redeem your purchase, BOOM LEARNING℠ opens an account for you if you do not already have one. If you do not subscribe at the end of your trial, you will be able to continue using BOOM CARDS™ with the Fast Play feature.

You can use BOOM CARDS™ in Google Classroom™! CLICK HERE to find out how!

Here's what's included -

  • Syllable Race Game Board
  • Syllable Race playing instructions
  • 110+ printable syllable cards (1-4 syllable words included) - 8 per A4 page
  • 110+ BOOM CARDS™ syllable card pack (1-4 syllable words included) - access via the BOOM LEARNING℠ site

To use - 

You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource. You will also need to have internet access to access the BOOM LEARNING℠ site if you are wanting to utilize the digital playing cards.

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