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CVCe Final Silent 'e' Word BUNDLE

Four files in one download!

Learning how to spell words that end with a final silent 'e' can be tricky for may children but these four different activities can be used to help young children learning to read and spell words with a final silent 'e'.

BUNDLE includes -

CVCe Word Mats 

These simple CVCe word mats allow children to build the word with the support of text to match magnetic letters while also allowing enough room for them to write the word themselves.

This download includes 35 different CVCe words with full colour real life images as visual support.

CVCe Word Puzzles 

These CVCe puzzle cards feature 32 different 4 letter words with a final silent 'e'. 

With three different CVCe mats to choose from simply choose the one you want, print, laminate for added strength to add to your literacy stations.

Three different versions included!
- CVCe four part puzzle cards include real life image plus dotted text as support. Just cut along the lines to create the puzzle pieces to sort,
- CVCe word mats with real life image and dotted text to support the spelling of CVCe word with either magnetic letters or laminate and use whiteboard markers,
- CVCe word mat with real life image and just four boxes to support spelling the CVCe word correctly.

CVCe 'I have, Who has?' Cards

Suitable for a whole class, this set of 'I have, Who has?' cards help children learning to read CVCe words by providing visual support with real life photos.

Perfect time filler for class when you have 5-10 minutes to spare!


With bright, real life images, this fun BINGO game is an excellent way to learn to read and spell CVCe or final silent 'e' words

Suitable for a whole class or small groups in literacy centres, this file includes 24 BINGO playing mats. Choose from 2 sets - one with images only or one with CVCe words only. Then pair them with some calling cards. Again choose from 3 different sets of calling cards - one with text only, one with text only with the vowel sounds highlighted in red and another set with text and visuals with support for beginning readers.

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