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Digraph Sorting Pack

Help build your students vocabularies and make learning those tricky digraphs and dipthongs easier with these different hands-on sorting activities suitable for small groups, literacy centers or homeschooling.

Ready to print activities for the sounds -
  • AI as in rain
  • AY as in play
  • AR as in star
  • AW as in claw
  • AU as in autumn
  • EE as in bee
  • EA as in peach
  • EY as in donkey
  • OA as in boat
  • OU as in mouse
  • OW as in cow
  • OW as in crow
  • OO as in book
  • OO as in moon
  • OI as in coin
  • OY as in toy
  • OR as in horse
  • ER as in flower
  • IR as in first
  • UR as in nurse
  • CK as in clock
  • NG as in ring
  • CH as in cheese
  • TH as in sloth
  • SH as in shell
  • WH as in white
  • PH as in dolphin
  • A_E as in caku
  • I_E as in bike
  • O_E as in rope
  • U_E as in cube

Choose from picture only mats, word only or blank ones - mix and match to suit the needs for your students.

Over 100 pages of ready to print activities perfect for introducing, identifying, differentiating and reviewing the different digraphs and dipthongs.

Here's what's included -



  • sorting mats (3 versions - blank, picture only + word only) - 1 per A4 page
  • picture + word sorting cards for each digraph - 14 per A4 page
  • picture only + word only sorting cards for each digraph - 8 of each type per A4 page
To use -
You will need to have an up to date version of an PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.

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